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Step by Step Training Manuals and Good Night Stories For Children.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: [Will I get a certificate once I have practiced the DIY instruction in the book?]
A: [DIY means you are using the manual to train yourself. However, you are able to book a few web conference sessions with the author. The author will watch you and correct any mistakes you may make. When she feels you are confident she will issue you with a certificate of achievement.]

Q: [Does the author offer training ?]
A: [Yes go to www.thatsgreat.co website to look at the training packages on offer.]

Q: How do we pay for the books?
A: We can send you an invoice or you can pay beautyschoolbook@gmail.com via your PayPal account. You can also make payments to her telephone via your smart phone via your bank account. 0413.453.553